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The session begins with a confidential discussion about your health, and what you would like to accomplish with BodyTalk. A brief intake form is completed, and the session begins. The duration of the session is about one hour.

BodyTalk is a very respectful practice in that the practitioner asks permission of the bodymind complex to do the work. The session begins only when permission is granted.

Clients are encouraged to wear loose fitting, natural fibers, and very little in the way of metal belts or large jewelry. The session takes place in a private treatment room on a massage table. Both client and practitioner gently contact the areas of imbalance, and gentle tapping is initiated on the top of the head and the sternum.

There is absolutely no diagnosis required, as the body’s innate wisdom guides the practitioner to the areas of imbalance. The practitioner merely facilitates the balance or repair so that the body can heal itself.

BodyTalk can address any health issue. Agenda sessions are appropriate for specific issues such as weight loss or sports injury, or we can simply let innate guide us through the priorities for healing.

A common benefit that all clients report is a significant reduction in their stress levels. They feel calm, peaceful, and gain a new sense of direction or clarity in their lives. Everyone experiences some level of immediate symptomatic relief, and deep and long-term results.

Many people enjoy BodyTalk as an effective tool in their personal development journey. When you balance all aspects of the bodymind complex including belief systems and attitudes, it follows naturally that one would experience growth on a personal and spiritual level as well.

What Do Some of Sydney’s Clients Have To Say?

"Your eyes... Well, your eyes and YOU, are so filled with warmth, kindness, and what I do sincerely feel as non-judgement :) You very much put me at ease within moments of meeting you and every single meeting thereafter!! Greatness oozes out of you Sydney, and I can't help but smile when I see you!!! You have a tremendous and extremely beautiful spirit!!! Honestly, kind of feels like Iím in the presence of an angel!! Thanks once again for fabulous sessions!! I feel very balanced and content. Such an awesome feeling :) I've said it before, and I'll say it again, you are every kind of AMAZING!!"

Vikki Frizzley,

"As an individual affected by anxiety and other emotional discomfort, Sydney’s sessions are a welcome and essential component to my personal well-being. On a good day, she acts as an exciting and energetic break; during more difficult times, visits with Sydney serve as salvation from despair. Sydney seems to have a very rare ethereal quality that makes us all feel better.  Ms. Sveinson is nothing less than the personification of kindness. I recommend her to everyone looking for something better in life."

Robert Ohlson, B Sc Eng
President, Maillot Homes

"I have been visiting Sydney for over a year. I have been able to feel emotionally centered and physically rested after my sessions. I have kept going because the experience itself is positive and allows me to open up and be honest with myself about what I am feeling emotionally and see how it is affecting me physically. As an approach to holistic health and well being I believe it is an essential element in this continuous process. As a health professional myself, I have recommended it to the patients I counsel and see. There is a mind body and spirit connection that relies not on your own belief system to be real, only that there is an energy we all create that affects our own state of being and those around us that we all can feel and can say is palpable. There is not one single person who could not benefit from this."

Emery Ostrosky, BSP

"Sydney is truly one of a kind. I started seeing her over a year ago and I feel as though she is just part of my health and wellness plan. I walk into that room with excitement and anticipation. I feel relaxed and loved unconditionally during our sessions together and I leave with a weight off my shoulders and a feeling of ease and contentment. I promote Sydney whenever I can because I feel if you have the chance to work with Sydney, you are blessed."

Katie O’Dwyer
Business Owner/Interior Decorator

"You make my life!"

Siobhan Owen
Student, Communications Specialist

"My work as an executive coach requires that I am very clear and present while working with clients. Sydney's work has been tremendously powerful in helping me clear my own "energetic baggage" so that I can serve my client's highest needs. Sydney is truly a master in her work and I am very grateful and in awe of her abilities."

Chris Niles
Partner, BalancePoint Partner

"Sydney has a rare intuitive talent to help a person heal.  I was facing extremely complicated spinal surgery and she worked with me before and since to ensure not just my bones, blood vessels and central nervous system healed, but that the rest of my body was in sync with the healing process.  You do not have to wait for surgery to benefit from Sydney, make an appointment and she'll help you discover a variety of ways to heal."

Heather Douglas
VP Communications and External Affairs, AOSC

"My Massage Therapist recommended I see Sydney to help unblock tension deep in my body that needed more release than she could provide. In my first session a year ago, the experience was profound. In one hour we released some long and shorter-term stagnant energy from my organs, body systems and tissues. I could feel the release of heaviness; meanwhile feeling the compassion, gentle nature and professionalism Sydney has for her work and her clients. Now having released many physical and mental blocks, Body Talk with Sydney allows me to move forward with freedom and purpose. I’m still in awe and humbled by the vast greatness the body and mind can heal with the assistance of a knowledgeable, caring, intuitive and gifted practitioner. My heart is open to receive and experience greater joy, energy, love and a sense of Self in my personal and professional life. As I progress so do the gifts, of empowerment, compassion, insight and awareness, which I continue to embrace. Thank You, Sydney."

With gratitude, Theresa
Social Worker

"I can't even tell you the difference and the shift that I felt in our last session and still feel great. It feels like you completely rewired me and I'm finally connected properly for the first time. WOW, this is what it should feel like! How strange to go through life not knowing, but now to know is just awesome! It's like I am able to listen and truly understand myself and my bodys' needs.

Thank you Sydney, you truly are a blessing in this world. "

Denise Watson
Mother, Family Manager

"I have been seeing Sydney for close to a year now, and the changes in my life are staggering. Because of past experience, I used to be fearful of all the best things in life such as love and relationships. Sydney has helped me let go of these fears, which has helped to shape my perspective and my experience of the world around me. I can honestly say that our work together has increased my quality of life exponentially, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to do the same. "

Dr. Shawna Heber, BSc(Kin), DC
Elite Sports Therapy




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