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How It Works

BodyTalk uses state of the art energy medicine to synchronize the body’s internal communication systems so that the body can operate as nature intended.
Each atom, cell, and system is in constant communication within the bodymind complex at all times. With exposure to the stresses of our daily lives, be they physical, emotional, environmental, or dietary, these lines of communication become compromised. This communication breakdown creates an imbalance in the bodymind complex, and the body cannot complete its’ natural healing process.

The practitioner uses neuromuscular feedback to ‘talk to’ your body’s innate wisdom to locate the areas of imbalance. Both the client and practitioner provide light contact to the compromised areas, and a Hatha Yoga technique of tapping is initiated over the head and the sternum. Tapping over the brain complex causes the brain to re-evaluate the state of the body’s health and initiate the repair. Tapping over the heart complex stores the repair. Since the heart is responsible for communicating the state of the body’s health to the rest of the body, stimulating the heart complex ensures that the corrected energy patterns are stored in the cellular memory and are lasting.

The body addresses healing in a specific sequence. By following a comprehensive protocol of questions, and the guidance of innate to find the priorities for healing, we peel away the layers of imbalance and stress, and restore the natural healing abilities of the body.

Should the client choose to discuss their issues and emotions with the practitioner, this will certainly enhance or fast track the healing process. If however the client finds this is an uncomfortable exchange, healing will occur anyway, as innate guides us to the priorities for healing.

What Do Some of Sydney’s Clients Have To Say?

"My experience yesterday was so beautiful. It was as if I was sitting with a committee of my angels and you were their spokesman. You are a shining example of a clear channel. There are many whom do energy work that are not so 'squeeky clean' as you and hence the information coming through is all muddled up in their "stuff" too. So it is that I hesitate to call myself an energy worker because I suppose I have never really encountered an energy worker such as yourself. Your purity is impeccable. Thank you for being you."

Dr. Carol Schwetz
Mother, Family Manager

"A friend had recommended Sydney to me and I didn't know what to expect going into my first session. What I do know is I left that first session buoyed by a positive energy that I have not felt for years, and immediately scheduled another appointment. I went in with an open mind, which can be difficult coming from a profession that is often rewarded on its skepticism. After a quick consultation based on her intake form, she got to work. We addressed some of my fears and established/reinforced some positive beliefs. The energy flowing from her hands was palpable and I felt immediate (and lasting) results. As was explained to me, one's energy can manifest itself in our bodies in positive or negative ways. With the release of negative energies from my body, it felt like the "reset" button was depressed and I noticed a reduction in negative self-talk. I don't know the science behind it, or truly understand the mechanics, but I do know I have had positive results and that's what matters in the end. It was a freeing experience that I would highly recommend to others."

Vince N., CD, LLB, BEng

"Before I started seeing Sydney, I felt lost, lonely and had a lot of anxiety. I was in a rut and desperately needed help. After just one session, I felt a shift and knew that her gift for healing could really help me.

Over the course of a year, my life has changed in countless positive ways. I finally have a job that I love, my health has improved and I’ve developed long lasting friendships in this beautiful city. I love more, live more and I’m able to find peace and quiet in my mind.

Through Sydney’s amazing healing hands, I’ve gained a higher sense of awareness and am able to appreciate all the miracles occurring in my every day life. I’m so grateful to have crossed Sydney’s path – her work is life altering and I recommend it for absolutely everybody.

Thank you Sydney :)"

Jacqueline C.

"I want you to know how much you have inspired me to live my truth and let my spirit shine.  When I look at you, I see such tremendous strength and beauty and I am in awe of the way your gifts are shared with the world."


"Grace is what comes to mind when you are under Sydney’s care. With grace, her radiant energy eases the body and soothes the soul. She is truly one of a kind."

Gurvinder Dhol
Wife, Mother, Family Manager

"I have been working with Sydney for just over 6 months and the results have been amazing. My energy level has returned to where it was more than 15 years ago and my personal health has improved significantly. No longer am I the easy target for every cold and flu in circulation! My immune system has strengthened considerably and I feel great 99 days out of 100.

Sydney demonstrates a considerate and caring approach and each session leaves me with a feeling of clarity and invigoration."

Ron Klausing
Senior IT Manager

"Warm welcome, genuine interest, thoughtfulness
go a long way in a year of too much
Sydney has helped me let go of the old
to make room for the new

Sydney connects the dots
in this map I call my body
She listens and she understands
And then it makes sense

In the middle of this mystery
A moment of clarity
In touch with

With gratitude and appreciation!
Addictions Counselor

"I started getting sessions from Sydney about three years ago when I was facing many personal life challenges. Being a medical doctor myself, I have little knowledge about this kind of healing work, but after not finding any help from traditional medicine I decided to give it a try. What Sydney does is quite unique, in that she helps you make those inner shifts that are needed in order to get you back into your life path. She is extremely intuitive and will always know better than yourself what is hiding inside of you and what is needed to correct or re-balance it. The changes I have experienced from Sydney's sessions are exceptional and now with her help I am finally 'back on track' and achieving my life dreams. I could never say "thank you" enough and Sydney you will always have a place in my heart."

Marie-Eve Langlois, MD



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