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For your individual or corporate health and wellness needs, please contact Sydney Sveinson.

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What Do Some of Sydney’s Clients Have To Say?

"I have been seeing Sydney for about one year, and her work has made a tremendous difference in body pain. Sydney addressed various psychosomatic reasons for the pain. I feel great after seeing her. She is warm, friendly, intuitive, and one of the most empathetic people I have ever met. This is why she is so good at what she does. "

Roze Manji
Mother, Family Manager

"Working with Sydney was an amazing experience. Through her guidance and the use of Body Talk, I was able to alter the barriers to my health and happiness. I have never felt more empowered!

Sydney’s Body Talk practice creates a healing environment whereby change and growth is possible. Not only does her practice allow you to explore the blocks to happiness and wellbeing, but there are immediate changes afforded. I would recommend Sydney and Body Talk to friends and family, as I believe in its application. As a clinical practitioner, I have recommended this approach to clients too!"

Clinical Practitioner

"Sydney helped me to understand some of my inner fears. Through our BodyTallk sessions I was able to gain further understanding of what I was feeling and not necessarily "knowing". Through our sessions I was able to discover my true directions and with her help have discovered whole new directions in life for myself. Thank you Sydney for your guidance and helping me to 'take the leap'."

Larry Hatfield
Owner, EagleEye Wellness

"I would recommend Body Talk to anyone wanting change in their life, be it physical, mental or emotional. I have personally recommended Sydney as she fosters safety and security in which one may examine their life and release their hurts and sorrows. Working with Sydney helped me reclaim my life!"

Wellness Professional

"Body Talk has really helped me release stresses that I never even knew existed internally. When I first started seeing Sydney I was having anxiety attacks and many sleepless nights. Now I feel in complete control of my calm and relaxed self. I am able to deal with stressful situations like they are nothing. BodyTalk has helped heal my internal issues and assist me in focusing on my positive experiences in life."

D. Robbins
Business Development Specialist

"When I first came to Sydney, I would say I was successful in many areas of my life, but still felt like there were blockages preventing me from truly being all that I could be. With Sydney's excellent work, I feel like I have been steadily breaking down the barriers and heading in the right direction. I have gone from making a living to making a life. I encourage anyone who feels they have been hitting the glass ceiling in all areas, to work with Sydney to allow movement in the direction of their dreams.

You will find that BodyTalk will help you not only let go of whatever is holding you back, but Sydney will work with you to help you achieve your goals, and dreams… whatever they are."

Cole Grey, Photographer
Owner Compass Studios

"I have been working with Sydney for well over a year now. During our first session I was nervous and not sure what to expect. I came to Sydney because I was producing too much body heat and was very uncomfortable all the time. As soon as Sydney started the treatment I felt this wonderful sense of calm that I was not familiar with, and by the end of the session the heat was gone. My life has never been the same since. I feel calm, light, clear, and enjoy a normal body temperature. I have a new sense of purpose in my life. My work with Sydney has been truly life changing! Thank you Sydney! I am so grateful."

Carlos Tavares
Reiki Master

"A chronic pattern of anxiety and insomnia has eased. I feel calm, less intense, and am much more able to handle everyday stress."

Grant S.
IT Professional

"I’ve had many alternative therapies over many years that have focused on various body systems and been helpful, to varying degrees. BodyTalk is the only one, however, that seems to heal and harmonize the total being- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual- and for this I’m very grateful."

Lisa Walker

"In witnessing this remarkable process, I’ve developed a profound respect for the body’s deep wisdom and healing capability- another beautiful side effect of my BodyTalk experience. My motto has now become: 'Have body, will talk!'"

Margaret McNaught
Mother, Writer

"BodyTalk has been an incredible journey that has enabled me to heal many repressed emotional issues from my past. It also continues to provide me clarity and serenity in my daily life.  As a result, my physical and emotional health has never been better. I am more free and present in my life and my overall awareness of who I am becomes more clear as I continue to embrace this empowering path.

Sydney is amazing! Her kind, loving spirit combined with her incredible intuition provide the perfect healing environment."

Sherry Whitman
Dental Assistant

"After my first treatment with Sydney, I felt refreshed, vibrant and alive! All my senses were heightened. As I stepped out into the sunlight I was amazed at the rich and powerful colors and fragrances of my surroundings. It was like a thick heavy cloud cover had for the first time been lifted. The treatments I have received from Sydney have helped me heal and recover from past hurts and losses and embraced more of everything that I want. She has a true gift and a loving heart – an amazing combination."

Pamela Roberts
Exectuive Assistant

"I have been seeing Sydney for a year and a half and the changes that have occurred are remarkable. So many old stagnant memories and emotions have been released allowing a clearing of my energy channels, which has given me a new lease on life. I am much more positive, relaxed and focused. My physical, emotional and mental health have improved more than I ever thought possible. I work in the medical field and truly feel that if more people were open to the concept of BodyTalk, there would be much less physical and mental illness. It is truly an amazing process."

Mary K
Registered Nurse


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