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What is BodyTalk?

The bodymind complex is a sophisticated combination of body, mind, and spirit; each having a profound effect on the other, none of which can exist on their own. These systems must be effectively communicating and in synchronicity for us to achieve optimum health.

Within this bodymind complex resides our innate wisdom, which is our inborn, inner knowing of what we need to heal. BodyTalk relies on the guidance of innate through neuromuscular feedback to determine the areas of the body that need repair. By using light contact over these compromised areas, and tapping the brain complex to initiate the repair, and the heart complex to store the repair, an energy shift occurs which resynchronizes body function.

This balancing process leads to deep and lasting healing on a physical, chemical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.

BodyTalk provides a non-medical approach for the following common symptoms:

Stress Weight Loss Cancer Fertility
Depression Smoking Allergies Mom and Baby
Sleep Fears/Phobias Viruses Relationship Transition
Back/Body Pain Digestive Disorders  Infection Manifesting
ADHD Reproductive Disorders Injuries  
Migraines Organ Dysfunction Chronic Fatigue  
Headaches Endocrine Dysfunction Fibromyalgia  
Arthritis Emotional Disorders Dyslexia  

Regular sessions for preventive maintenance establish a consistent state of energy balance within the bodymind complex. This in turn promotes the full potential of our natural healing and restorative function. 

BodyTalk is a state of the art health care modality that can be used as a stand-alone system to address all physical, mental, and emotional health issues. It can also be seamlessly integrated into any health care modality to increase its’ effectiveness and promote faster healing.

What Do Some of Sydney’s Clients Have To Say?

"It is hard to put into words the amazing benefits I feel after working with Sydney. I also truthfully don't fully understand what exactly she does but I don't question it because it works so well for me. It feels as though she siphons stress, anxiety, toxic beliefs and thoughts out of my system and recharges me in a positive direction. I consistently have a lot on the go and rather high expectations for my life, family, career, health and desire for balance. Sydney very much helps keep me on track and focused on what really matters - enjoying and experiencing all that is beautiful on my journey."

Shayna Nackoney-Skauge
Olympic Athlete,
Realtor, BComn

"I think BodyTalk is an amazing paradox.  Sessions are so gentle and subtle, yet they have made such powerful and lasting changes in my health and life.  Like anything, the more skilled the practitioner, the better the results. And Sydney is the best."

Julia Sutherland
Fund Development, U of C

"Working with Sydney has been a true blessing! She has brought healing energy to restore balance and clarity and lightness to my everyday perceptions. Her transcendent wisdom kindly offers to show me the connection between my thoughts and emotions and my body's willingness to store unproductive and hurtful ideas well beyond utility. Sydney then simply 'moves them away' - simply, profoundly, gratefully, and blessedly away."

Paula D.

"Sydney has moved heaven and earth for me.  Her nurturing and compassionate nature has helped me move forward from my past and given me the tools for a wonderful future.  She is a blessing to have in my life and I'm extremely grateful to have her working with me.   "

Andrea Krill
Land Administrator

"Sydney has been a remarkable blessing in my life for nearly two years. The last few years have been extremely challenging. Finding Sydney was truly an instrumental component of the healing journey for the medical, physiological, emotional, mental and work stresses which were a part of my daily life. Sydney’s caring spirit, genuine sweetness and expertise during my BodyTalk/Energy Works sessions, provided me with the ability to release the negative energies from my body while allowing light energies to flood in and then out to those around me. The effects of that positive energy are obvious daily. My sincere appreciation for all that I have been taught, given, and continue to receive from Sydney; it is immeasurable. "


"When I first contacted Sydney, I was very skeptical about the technique BodyTalk and did mention this to her. During our journey, Sydney has opened my eyes to several issues. I am now a convert! I would recommend Sydney without hesitation."

Zenobia Ali
Professor, Medical School

"As a clinical practitioner, I know how important holistic healthcare is to both our physical and mental wellbeing. Through working with Sydney and the Body Talk system, I was afforded the opportunity for both self-care and personal betterment. Body Talk is definitely something I have recommended to friends, colleagues and clients!

When I had my first session of Body Talk, I didn’t know what to expect. I definitely didn’t expect my health and perspective to shift, and that’s exactly what happened. Sydney is a truly gifted individual who helped me recover my happiness and personal power. For that, I am truly grateful."

Rebecca Stares
Registered Social Worker

"My time spent with Sydney has been both informative and life changing. Long standing emotional and physical issues that stem from as far back as I can remember have cleared with Sydney’s work. As I continue my healing journey I am amazed at the new levels of healing that arise within my body. The gift of healing Sydney channels has helped me transform my life in a way that I have not found in any other modality of healing.

Thank you Sydney for helping me heal my body and change my life!"

With gratitude, Melanie Lackan
Feng Shui Consultant



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