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About Sydney

Sydney was born in Edmonton, and raised in small towns throughout Alberta. She settled in Calgary where she studied Commerce at the University of Calgary, then carried on to practice her skills in project management in the oil patch.

Six years later, she and her partner were wooed to the warmer climes of Vancouver where they both embarked on new segments of their careers; Sydney’s being motherhood, her most challenging and rewarding career to date!

Seven years later, the family made a very difficult decision to come back to Alberta where Sydney continued her role as mother, and family manager while dabbling in different home based businesses.  Sydney eventually decided to establish a career in the area of her passions, which are wellness, fitness, and nutrition.

She began studying and practicing in the areas of healing touch, reflexology, and nutrition, and has been practicing in complementary wellness for over ten years.

Her current focus is BodyTalk, an energy medicine modality that promotes the natural healing abilities of the body. Sydney feels very grateful to have found her gift, and be able to practice this very profound work on a daily basis. To her, nothing is more gratifying than helping people find optimum health and balance in their lives.


What Do Some of Sydney’s Clients Have To Say?

"I have had the pleasure of working with Sydney for BodyTalk guidance for a few years now. I originally visited her with fertility concerns (as my hubby and I were trying for our first) and ended up with healing and insight into so much more! Not only did my husband and I conceive and welcome our baby daughter not long after I started sessions with Sydney, but I became so much more grounded and at peace in some challenging areas within myself and my life. Sydney is calm and balanced, and her healing guidance is refreshing, welcoming and truly peaceful. She is an energetic healer with the kindest of hearts. I recommend her services if you are looking to dive deeper into yourself and heal, in whatever capacity that may be, from the inside out. "

Chip Skinner

"I was encouraged to visit Sydney at a time when my life essentially 'hit the blender'. I was skeptical that BodyTalk would be able to rival the stress that I was carrying at that time, but was willing to give anything a shot. My first session with Sydney was incredible, her natural sense of humor and personable nature immediately put me completely at ease. I felt like I was in an environment that was safe, supported and I had the distinct impression that any physical or mental challenge presented to her was up for discussion and would be surmountable. I don't know how to explain what Sydney did but it felt like she energetically moved a trash heap from my body and my mind that day. I have been working with Sydney for almost a year now and consider her to be a true gift in my life. I'm still not exactly sure what to think about BodyTalk per say... but I confidently believe in and recommend the healing powers of Sydney."

Gaela Toombs
Project Manager

"Sydney has been instrumental in my pursuit of†health. She is a fantastic energy work practitioner and I highly recommend her to anybody seeking to improve his or her well being, emotional and physical health."

Sherwin Ganpatt, Owner
Pinnacle Health & Performance Center

"Body Talk has been a life altering experience. I had been suffering from chronic headaches for years. After numerous doctors’ visits, and alternative healing appointments, I had come to accept the fact that I was just meant to suffer through the daily pain of my headaches. I had truly felt that I had exhausted my options and this was the way my life was going to be. After my first session with Sydney, I experienced life without pain and drugs! After my first session, the headaches were gone, and between the sessions, I only had one headache. I truly believe that it is Sydney’s compassion and sincerity that makes her practice so successful. Body Talk was, and is my saving grace. I am truly grateful to have Sydney in my life, as she has worked wonders for me!

Thank you Sydney, truly you are a miracle worker!!"

Britt Hill
Dental Receptionist

"Sydney has helped reduce the stress in my life by identifying triggers and areas I can work on to improve the quality of my life. My goal is to optimize my overall mental and physical health with Sydney as one of my team of supporters. Her treatments provide insight and leave me with a lovely calm feeling."

Janet Bullard
Proactive Health Advsior

"Sydney treated me approximately one year ago for strong hip pain that was brought on by a challenging day of snowshoeing. This activity triggered an old crushed disc, vertebrae injury. The pain disappeared with that one treatment and seldom re-occurs. When it does it is very mild and I very seldom have any discomfort. I am very grateful."

Tom Sveinson
Sydney’s Dad

"When I first met with Sydney and was introduced to Energy Works and BodyTalk, I didn't know what to expect.

After my first session, I started feeling major shifts within myself.  With each session I became stronger in who I am and moved from a place of pleasing others, powerlessness and insecurity, to one who respects and honors the power within myself.  I can now approach situations without reacting, but rather respond in a way that honors my emotions and opinions. 

As the negative emotions are released through Sydney's technique, my health and attitude improve more and more. I recommend Sydney to anyone who seeks spiritual, emotional and physical awareness to improve the quality of their health and healing."

J. Miller
Wife, Mother, Business Owner

"Sydney's passion to change the life of her clients from the inside out is not only inspiring, it is truly miraculous.

Her drive to help improve quality of life continuously drives her to be the best BodyTalk specialist. Her ongoing training and education not only shines through in her work, but proves that she is dedicated to changing this world, one person at the time. She brings her intuitive, authentic self to each session and succeeds in creating a trusting bond with each client.

After years of working with other alternative therapies, I am truly blessed to be working now with Sydney. She helps me improve my life on a physical, personal and emotional level. If you ask: well, HOW does she really help you? This is the hardest to explain. The best I can do to help you understand why I recommend Sydney to anyone looking to achieve optimum health and well-being: I acquired more effective ways of dealing with stress day-to-day, I understand how and why my body occasionally puts the breaks on so I can get off the merry-go-round and can get well again, I am better equipped to address professional and personal challenges. She’s not about providing quick fixes; she guides you and your body to life-long results.

Working with Sydney is truly amazing, her techniques, her care, and her commitment are one-of-a-kind. Thank you, Sydney."

Karin Claessens
Claessens Consulting

"BodyTalk and Energy Works is an excellent healing and energy rejuvenation service. The therapy relieves you of whatever stress, anger, anxiety, or other emotion you may be carrying in your body. Through BodyTalk, the stress, anger, and anxiety is identified and gets released.

Sydney is great. She knows exactly how to get rid of everything and alters the program just for your personal preferences. I love Energy Works!"

Isaac Niles
Student, Athlete

"Whenever I feel bad, either emotionally or physically, I make an appointment with Sydney and she cures whatever is ailing me at the time. I don’t quite understand how she does it, as her sessions are very relaxing, gentle and insightful and I feel better immediately. Thanks Sydney for being a miracle worker."

Daniela Hops
CMA, Business Owner

"I went to see Sydney the first time for help with some health issues I had been dealing with for months with no relief or diagnosis from a doctor. One session with Sydney and not only did I feel better, but I had no back ache for days afterwards. She gave me some insight as to what my health issues were, and what may have caused them. Sydney is very intuitive and gentle in her approach and deals with the pain at hand without asking many questions."

Yvonne Neu
Financial Counselor


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